Musicbox is a long-standing collaboration between fellow composers and friends, Todd Baker and Aaron ‘Laszlo’ Wheeler. The duo have been producing original music together for 10 years, whilst individually building highly successful careers as composers in the TV and Games industries.

For the two multi-instrumentalists, the Musicbox project has been a platform for experimentation, rooted in their passion for engaging harmony, groove and sonic textures. The Musicbox style and approach share clear similarities with Aaron’s established Laszlo sound – particularly 2011’s Radial Nerve. Though in addition to the characteristic melodic hooks and hybrid electronic production style, the duo also explore a more conceptual, often minimalist approach to both composition and production.

Todd and Aaron showcase their respective talents on guitar and piano, often using unconventional techniques, such as the plucked piano and guitar harmonics of Portals, as well as more traditionally arranged duets, most evident in the gentle melody of the opening track End Phase. Intricately produced tracks like November and Kalimba Concept (on album ‘Three Phases’) blend electronic production details with a multitude of sampled acoustic instruments.