The Lydian Label is a collective of London-based musicians, artists and friends that share a passion for connecting with people through music. The philosophy of the Label is centered around a love for instrumental music with emotionally engaging harmony and groove. Whilst we take inspiration from many amazing artists in the world of Jazz, Pop, World, Classical and Electronica, we like to try and think outside of the constraints of genre and tradition, focusing more on making honest and refreshing music that tickles our earbuds…hopefully having as much fun as possible in the process.

Contributors so far Include:

Aaron “Laszlo” Wheeler – Composer, Producer, Performer, Co-Founder.
Todd Baker – Composer, Producer, Performer, Audio Designer.
Liam Nolan – Co-Founder and Distribution.
Ed ‘Aurelian’ Hargrave – Composer, Producer, Performer.
Ida Hollis – Performer
Sophie Alloway – Performer
Jim Hustwit – Marketing and Web
Nigel Thompson – Performer
Ben Wheeler – Performer
Apollo Quartet – Performers
Russell Hancock – Art & Design
Jonny Wheeler – Art & Design
Nick Jobbings – Art & Design
Si Clarke – Art & Design
Martin Houlden – Ilustrator


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